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A Christmas Agreement

A Christmas Agreement

Ministers would work on plans for three budgets and a five-day break from Christmas Eve to 28 December, subject to agreement between the four nations of the United Kingdom. Although the popular tendency is to regard the December 1914 Christmas truces as unique and more romantic than political, they have also been interpreted as part of the generalized spirit of non-cooperation with war. [63] In his book on trench fighting, Tony Ashworth described the «Live and let live System». Complicated local truces and agreements not to shoot each other were negotiated by men along the front during the war. These often started with permission not to attack each other during tea, food or washing hours. In some places, tacit agreements have become so widespread that parts of the front would have few casualties over a long period of time. This system, according to Ashworth, «gave the soldiers some control over the conditions of their existence.» [64] The december 1914 ceasefires can then be seen as not unique, but as the most dramatic example of the spirit of non-cooperation with war, which included refusal to fight, unofficial ceasefires, mutinies, strikes and demonstrations for peace. Today`s agreement in the United Kingdom will give hope to the families and friends who have made many sacrifices in this difficult year. As part of the agreement, each government will remind households that they should remain alert to the risks that the virus still exposes and how, if possible, they can celebrate and support more isolated friends and relatives through alternative approaches such as video calls and outdoor meetings. As part of this agreement, we have heard scientific and clinical advice on how best to minimize risk and achieve a set of balanced and practical rules that we hope will allow people to spend time together at this important time of year. The ceasefires were not only contained in the Christmas period and reflected a sense of «life and life» where the infantry would be close to overly aggressive behaviour and often go to brothers, conversations or exchanges of small pieces for cigarettes. In some areas, there have been occasional ceasefires that have allowed soldiers to walk between the lines and recover wounded or dead comrades; in others there was a tacit agreement not to shoot while the men rested, trained or worked with the enemy. The ceasefires were particularly important because of the number of men involved and their participation – even in quiet areas, dozens of men who gathered openly in daylight – were seen as a symbolic moment of peace and humanity in the midst of one of the most violent events in human history.

If an agreement is reached, the Prime Minister should indicate how families will be able to meet this week for Christmas. Friday (Christmas Day). We have the most extraordinary Christmas Day imaginable. There is a kind of messy and totally unauthorized ceasefire between us and our friends before us, but perfectly understood and scrupulously respected. The funny thing is that it only seems to exist in this part of the battle line — right and left, we can all hear them shoot as joyfully as ever. The affair began last night – a frigid white frigid night – shortly after nightfall, when the Germans started shouting «Merry Christmas, English.» Of course, our fellow men were shouting back and, at present, many on both sides had left their trenches unarmed and met between the lines in the dubious no man`s land and ejected bullets. It is here that the agreement was reached – for oneself – that we should not encourage each other after midnight tonight. The men all fraternized in the middle (we naturally don`t leave them too close to our line) and exchanged cigarettes and were in the largest community. There were no shots fired overnight.

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