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Attawapiskat And De Beers Agreement

Attawapiskat And De Beers Agreement

Under the IBA, a number of joint management committees have been established to ensure the implementation of the agreement. Before reaching an agreement with Attawapiskat, he said that de Beers had ensured that he provided enough money to the community to hire his own counselors. The Impact Benefits Agreement – which received the Mining Magazine Mine of the Year Award in 2009 – took more than three years to negotiate, and covers everything from De Beers` right to crush Attawapiskat`s claims to what is served in Victor`s cafeteria. The agreement also sets out our requirements and commitments in non-financial areas such as the environment and local cultural activities and practices. This agreement was adopted and ratified by the municipality in November 2005, before we began construction of the Victor mine. The village activist, Greg Shisheesh, has been campaigning for a revised IBA for several years. It has collected more than 600 signatures to ask De Beers to reopen its agreement with Attawapiskat. His petition did not receive a response. «It`s not like we don`t want De Beers on our land,» he said. «We just want to make sure they do their part.» After a break, he added: «It`s falling apart at our level. …

We don`t understand who we`re dealing with – we`re dealing with a giant that`s dealing with Aborigines all over the world. And our employees are not trained, so we`re not able to catch up. The 198 latent agreement is a dense reading, so dense that it overwhelmed the small, dilapidated group desk of the community. There are a dizzying series of commitments: environmental management committees and management committees common to employee committees, wildlife management plans, mining observers and staff inventories. De Beers, a fan of ATCO, laid the groundwork for enlargement. Victor Kimberlite is one of 16 diamond tubes in the Attawapiskat region. Last year, the company reconnected with the Tomagatiks. This time, De Beers negotiates with Clara`s younger brother, John Tomagatik. «They want to explore in another part of our country,» Tomagtik said. «But we don`t want to let them explore until we sign a new impact agreement.» Support has been fragile in the first nation since the initial agreement with DeBeers was signed in 2005. The group`s officials boycotted and recorded the grand opening of the mine in 2008, and the road to the mine was blocked several times, including in 2013.

De Beers and Attawapiskat have a rocky history when it comes to the mine that began construction in 2006. The municipality has ratified a benefit impact agreement with the company, but there has also been resistance in the past in the form of protests and blockades. Theresa Hall, who was the coordinator of the IBA and later became head of a mandate, admitted that she had not even heard of some of the committees and positions outlined in the document.

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